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7" Tall Custom Abarai Renji from the Anime "Bleach" 
This is my custom figure of Abarai Renji, a "Shinigami" from the hit anime TV series "Bleach".

The figure depicts Renji with his "released Zanpakuto", or spirit sword.

In the series, upon a Shinigami's releasing his full "Bankai" (spiritual power), his sword is transformed into a "spirit sword" that is an extension of its owners soul.

In Renji's case, this turns his large metal serrated sword into a writhing, gigantic snake-like creature, capable of spitting fire.

Despite its snake-like appearance, the sword is actually called the "Baboon King Zabimaru" - hence the Baboon fur covering Renji's shoulders and the gigantic mane around the sword's skeletal head.

For the customization, I took a Renji 5" Series 1 PVC figure and repositioned the right arm.

Next, I removed the head and replaced it with the head of Renji from the Series 6 PVC figure;

Third, I sculpted the Baboon fur around Renji's shoulders and right arm using Quickplastic putty, and painted it;

Lastly, I took the "Zabimaru" sword from a much smaller 3.5" Renji figure and attached it to this figure.

Renji is 5" tall; the top of the Sword's head is 7" high.

"Howl Zabimaru!"